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about chloe

Chloe Masco, owner of Claudia Chloe, uses photography as a tool to accentuate and simplify the beauty that surrounds her in her travels. 

Having studied photography where she was born and raised, at the Jersey Shore, she is heavily influenced by the playfulness of the beach-goer lifestyle. To her, there is nothing more visually satisfying than the interaction of vacationers and their umbrellas along the shoreline.

Her goal is to bring the beauty & simplicity of the world as the sky sees it, into her customers' homes.

All aerial photographs are taken from the side of a doors-off helicopter. 

Chloe took her first flight in Miami 2015, while she was getting her degree in photography at Monmouth University. She started selling her prints on the Asbury Boardwalk and quickly realized helicopter photography was her passion. 

Since then, she has taken dozens of helicopter flights throughout the US, mainly focusing on the Jersey Shore. Her prints are sold in shops up and down the coast & have been shipped to over 20 countries. 

Chloe currently lives and works in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where she prints, packages, and ships all paper prints herself in her home studio with her rescue dog, Lulamae and her fiancé, Paul. 

When she's not working, you can find Chloe oil painting while blasting Taylor Swift, in a spin class, or laying in the sand with her friends.

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